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In April 2017, I co-founded 'Majesty', a digital space for women of color to share stories about their lived experiences. Using an engagement-first strategy, we managed to garner 400 Facebook 'likes' using consistent video launches before publishing volume 1 of our digital magazine. (see below)

Purpose: We want to celebrate our differences and find commonality in them. Being a woman of color is not a monolith. We are individuals. We are complex. Grouping us together is hence a way to portray that we are too diverse to be generalized. 

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A CALL TO ALL!!! We’re looking to put together a team of artists, designers, writers, strategists and humans to work on MAJESTY, a space for women of color to share personal experiences, commentaries on popular culture and interviews with the community. We’re taking ownership of our narratives. Apply for the positions below by December 1st with a cover letter, resume and answer this question: Who is a woman of color? Copy Editor - Oversee written stories, poetry, prose and anything word-related. Web Designer - Create layouts, concepts and execute the vision for the website + all other funky and cool digital elements. Photo Editor - Curate the photo content, edit and publish images. Video Editor - Plan, curate and direct all of the video content coming in through submissions and organize local shoots. PR/Social Media Director - Manage the outreach, marketing, collaborations, and branding. Send an email to majestydigitalmagazine@gmail.com with the subject line ‘___intended position___ Application’. We’re also accepting story submissions so if you have an idea, essay, anecdote, photograph or any other content, send it to majestydigitalmagazine@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Story Submission - Your name’ We look forward to hearing from you! Let's do this.

Posted by Majesty Digital on Saturday, November 11, 2017

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ep 2. what does being black mean to you?

"..but when it's time to be black, where are they?"

Posted by Majesty Digital on Sunday, December 17, 2017
When did you stop wearing your hijab?

[Hijab] - A head covering, generally a veil or a scarf, worn in public or in the presence of non-familial adult males by SOME Muslim women. Not equivalent to the oppression of Muslim women OR terrorism, but a symbol with a definition determined by its wearer.

Posted by Majesty Digital on Monday, January 15, 2018
ep 1. who do you look up to?

ep 1. who do you look up to?

Posted by Majesty Digital on Wednesday, November 29, 2017





Meet 4 women of color challenging the status quo through art. Read their Q & As, statements and stories.


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