ABOUT 'MASA' (the media and social action ARC)

ARC stands for the Academic Residential Center. The centers offer students with shared academic interests, creative passions or majors an opportunity to live together in a residential learning environment. The Media and Social Action is an ARC for first-year undergraduate students who are interested in communications and passionate about social issues. Students learn how to harness digital, social, and news media to raise awareness, shape attitudes, and move people toward meaningful action while living together in Kalapuya Illihi, a new housing unit for first-year students. 

Media and Social Action ARC

What was my role?

I was the ARC Assistant for the academic year of 2017-2018. For this role, I worked closely with the faculty member and program coordinator to supervise the digital content created by first-year students, mentor them on how media and social justice intersect in the Eugene community, nationally and globally. I managed a cohort of 28 students, organizing and brainstorming ideas for content, layout and strategic communication with the end goal of creating a digital publication focused on social justice. We also had regular feedback sessions on editing and brainstorming.