About 'ICSP'

The International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) is a full tuition scholarship program for international students at the University of Oregon. Together, our cohort comes from 34 different countries and speaks 46 languages. In exchange for tuition coverage, students are required to give presentations about their home countries to the local community of Eugene. We visit high schools, middle schools, old-age homes and attend public panels to give talks on topics ranging from politics, human rights, music, art, food etc.


Since 2016, I have visited multiple middle schools, high schools and other public forums to talk about my story and cover topics ranging from art, culture, music to politics and free speech. ICSP is more than a scholarship program. It is an opportunity to understand and embed global students in the Eugene community. 


Besides giving presentations, I also host and produce a weekly radio show from 1-2pm every Friday. We bring on ICSP students to play 4 or 5 songs from their home countries and talk about music and how it shapes their identity. We've had episodes featuring students from Tanzania, Nepal, Thailand, Pakistan, Palestine and Israel to name a few.