Srushti (pronounced Sroo-sh-tea) is human (hew-muhn).

With a focus on documentary filmmaking and interactive storytelling, her work aims to merge virtual, physical and social networking spaces to provide a synchronized form of consumption. 

Her journalistic and research interests include the role of technology in eroding national boundaries, diaspora identity and advocating for human rights in a digital world.

Born in Mumbai, India, she was raised in Singapore before receiving the University of Oregon's ICSP Scholarship to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and History.

She finds herself in a love-hate relationship with the question 'Where are you from?' although it did inspire her to write a thesis paper about women in the South Asian Diaspora using Instagram to challenge traditional notions of beauty. So things turned out a-o-k.

She was a 2018 student fellow at the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights, a recipient of the School of Journalism’s Hall of Achievement Award, the Outstanding ADPI Leadership Award and has interned at Oregon Public Broadcasting in Portland, Ugly Duckling Projects in Singapore and written for Ethos Magazine.

She currently works as a documentary producer for Blue Chalk Media.