a life of PURPOSE

People's interactions with the world are determined by the stories they hear, the people they meet, and how they feel.

My fascination with creative non-fiction began when I realized that a story could affect the way people treated me. At age 6, I was an 'other'. A poster-child for stereotypes. A mix. Born in Mumbai, India, I was raised in Singapore for most of my life before receiving the University of Oregon's ICSP Scholarship to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and History. I grew up learning how to navigate a myriad of cultures all at once. I had to learn how to communicate with people of all backgrounds to make the smallest ounce of an impression. It was survival-mode. So change and adaptation became second-nature.

But in a world filled with endless content, using the digital space to elevate the deeper, nuanced truth stood out to me. When humans beings become more than just one-dimensional depictions and are portrayed through the multi-faceted nature of our existence. With this in mind, my goal is to explore a new kind of intersectionality as a multimedia producer and project lead. My purpose is to generate more empathy. My drive comes from this purpose. And I give it my all.